Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Apple Store Kid Boom Boom Pows His Way to Internet Fame

I know you hate “Boom Boom Pow” with every fiber in your body, but you still have to admire this kid’s courage. It takes balls the size of Jupiter to pull this off in public at such a young age. I was going to say he deserves a free copy of the new Black Eyed Peas’ album for this but that would be a mean thing to do. Give him a Mac instead.

Cuban Linx - Cheka

Shes perfect!!!!...don't you agree???

Bun B + Royce da 5′9″ + DJ Premier = Hood Love

Bun B (Ft. Royce da 5′9″) - Hood Love (Produced by DJ Premier)
Now this is what you call a dream session. Taken from Southern Smoke TV 4 mixtape.

Jackie Chain - Diamonds & Chains Video

Anyone who has the nerve to conceive this idea and actually go through with it must be dragging balls of steel. Sadly, the beat is kinda catchy.

Slick Rick, is that you?

I know senior-citizen rappers are hurting these days, but damn.

Well, That’ll Definitely Get You Fired

In today’s episode of You Can’t Make This Up, two police officers in Taft, Texas are about to trade in their badges for termination papers after participating in the creation of a hip-hop video.

Says Allhiphop:

The video for the song “Swangn,” by Stubo, featuring True Enough Of Salty Water Records has caused outrage in Taft, a town of about 3,500. The video was shot in downtown Taft in June, with the permission of City Manager Flo Sauceda.

The song has local police officers in the area up in arms, as the track contains numerous explicative’s and makes references to smoking marijuana and dealing cocaine.

The two cops now face termination for their roles in the video, but I would’ve been happier to learn that they’re facing termination because of how wack the song is.

Jay Rock - Mandatory (feat. K.Dot & Ab-Soul)

Jay Rock hearkens to the era when rappers rhymed just to rhyme. There’s nothing wrong with that approach but braggadocio can only carry you so far in hip-hop. Just ask Canibus.